Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Elvis Costello is honoured to be part of Picket mural

News of the Liverpool Irish mural at The New Picket Music venue in Liverpool and in particular the inclusion of Elvis Costello has reached the man himself. Mr Costello whose real name is Declan McManus sent a great message of support this week to The Liverpool Mural Project from Vancouver, Canada where he lives with his wife Diana Krall and their two children.

I received a photo from a good mate of mine in Liverpool and I heard all about the mural and the work of the Belfast and Liverpool artists, I think it looks amazing and I'm very honoured to find myself included in the painting. I'll be down The Picket to have a proper look next time I'm in the city. Well done to everyone involved. All the best, Declan.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

The making of The John Lennon Mural on YouTube

Young filmmaker Tom Borso finally got round to editing his short film of the making of TLMP's John Lennon mural, and thanks to Tom you can watch a great speeded up version on YouTube. Simply click on the link below:


Saturday, October 04, 2008

Hello TLMP,
As a local mural artist I was delighted to join in on the Liverpool/Irish Picket mural. I had been introduced to the Irish artists through the culture company back in May but it was exciting to be starting work on a practical project that had taken a lot of hard work behind the scenes to come to fruition.
The lads were extremely helpful, unpretentious and approachable (not all artists are!) and it was great to see the way they worked together. My experience in the past has mostly been with indoor murals on a smaller scale so this was a great opportunity for me to work with a team of experts and learn from their skills and techniques.
The atmosphere over the week was really friendly, with lots of people coming and going and a great banter between everyone. Phil Hayes was a total star providing the venue, music and entertainment! Refreshments flowed as did the paint and the laughter. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and look forward to working with the Liverpool Mural Project again soon. Mel Sullivan x