Friday, August 31, 2007

The Guardian Newspaper Provides Full Page Feature On TLMP and the talented artists involved

The Guardian's very own Duncan Campbell writes in today’s Art section of the newspaper about Belfast artists coming to Liverpool. The full page spread provides an excellent testament to the aspirations of the Liverpool Mural Project. It re-confirms the willingness of the artists working with our project to break away from the perceptions people have of Belfast artists in only wanting to create political murals. The interview gives an excellent account of the significance of both Danny and Mark working together. It further highlights their commitment to coming to Liverpool and passing on their un-doubtable knowledge and expertise to the people of Liverpool.

The article has also quoted Jimmy McGovern who has previously written to us about his enthusiastic support for our project and the planned murals for 2008. Mr Campbell ends his report with a quote from the Liverpool Culture Company. He like any good journalist had contacted the Liverpool Culture Company to ask why the project had been dismissed as "not edgy enough”. They have reiterated their previous stance in confirming that they had over 150 proposals for 2008. However, this time they have remarkabley confirmed, “ it was inevitable that some great ideas wouldn’t get through,” they said. Can we now assume that the avalanche of publicity both here and in Northern Ireland has made some difference? With the increasing letters and emails of support from prominent people ranging from University lecturers to politicians and writers and playwrights to Hollywood film directors it must be asked, has the eyes of the Culture Company been opened to what an opportunity they in fact have on their very own doorstep?

To Read The Guardians report in full click on the following link: -,,2159739,00.html

Top Screenwriter and Director voices strong support

Terry George is a Belfast born screenwriter and director, who divides his time between Ireland and New York. His films include The Boxer, Some Mother’s Son, In the Name of the Father, Hotel Rwanda, Hart’s War and A Bright Shining Lie. Terry has directed the highly anticipated film Reservation Road, due for release in November 2007.

"I want to voice my strong support for The Liverpool Mural Project. Jim Sheridan and I employed the aritsit Danny Devenny and his colleagues in our films In the Name of the Father (part of which we shot in Liverpool) Some mother's Son, and The Boxer. His work enlivened and enriched all of these projects.Wall murals are true working class art from artists who find their canvas wherever they can."

Along with Van Morrison, Terry George was honoured at the second annual ‘Oscar Wilde – Honoring Irish Writing in Film’ awards held in Los Angeles in February 2007.

"I'll wager a bet that were John Lennon alive today, his name and support would be on your website. Imagine!
You have my strong support."

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Leading Irish Writer and Playwright supports TLMP

Danny Morrison, who is a well respected author, journalist and playwright supports The Liverpool Mural Project. He has written eight books to date and has written and reviewed for The Irish Times, The Observer, The Guardian, Washington Post and Boston Globe. His book ‘The Wrong Man’ has been successfully adapted as a stage play which was showcased both in London and Ireland in 2005.

“It is incredible that this ingenious project is not being officially supported by The Liverpool Culture Company (LCC). I certainly hope it changes its mind and realises the potential for murals as free public art to bring pleasure to ordinary people as well as memorialising on their home patch the iconic sons of Liverpool – the greatest band that ever was, The Beatles. With a little help from our friends, we can work it out. And the message to the LCC – All You Need is Love!”

Danny Morrison knows all about successful arts events as Chair of The West Belfast Community Festival, known in Gaelic as Féile an Phobail (The People’s Festival) The festival was established in 1988 to counter the negative image generated by The Troubles. It is the largest community led arts festival in Europe, featuring a line-up of Internationally renowned acts, exhibitions, discussions and debates, library events, drama, Féile FM radio station, community events, a carnival parade, an International food fair, sport, tours and walks.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Jimmy McGovern backs The Liverpool Mural Project

Jimmy McGovern, one of the most accomplished and most sought after screenwriters in British Film and Television backs The Liverpool Mural Project.

“Count me in as one of your supporters”

McGovern is a BAFTA award-winner from Liverpool. He is particularly known for writing powerful and thought provoking dramas often based around hard hitting social issues or controversial real life events.

The critically-acclaimed writer of Cracker, the Lakes, Hillsborough, Sunday and award winning films Priest and Liam took time out of a busy schedule to offer TLMP his support.

“God knows The Liverpool Culture Company needs a winner or two right now, so when something as inspired as The Liverpool Mural Project comes along you’d expect the Company to grab it with both hands. That it hasn’t done so is unbelievable”

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tourists drawn to Belfast's International Wall Murals

Belfast's International Wall on The Falls Road is currently attracting huge crowds of tourists due to two spectacular new murals. Belfast artists Danny Devenny, Mikey Doherty and Mark Ervine who are part of The Liverpool Mural Project have once again shown the world the standard and quality of work that they can produce within this artistic medium.
One of the murals in question is the artists own interpretation of Picasso's famous Guernica painting. The original of which depicts the aftermath of the German bombing of the Basque village of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War in 1937. The artists were recently invited to view the original Picasso painting, which hangs in the Reina Sofia gallery in Madrid before undertaking work on their own version in Belfast.
In an interview with Allison Morris for The Irish News, Mr Devenny and Mr Ervine said it was inspiring to see Picasso's 'Guernica' and that gave them a grasp for what they were taking on.
"We have both believed in this project from the start and the positive reaction we have been getting from local people and tourists, has helped to reinforce that." Danny Devenny
"What was a complex and disturbing portrayal of war has since become a symbol of peace, something we can fully relate to in Northern Ireland." Mark Ervine
The second Mural is an excellent tribute to the volunteers of the International Brigades who went to fight against Fascism in the Spanish Civil War between 1936 - 1939.

Speaking at the official unvieling, West Belfast MP, Gerry Adams described the murals as eloquent, moving, inspirational pieces of political art.
"The representation of Picasso s Guernica reproduced here is a potent reminder of the savagery of war and the obscenity of fascism. Everyone involved in this piece of work are to be commended for one of the most potent political murals to be produced in a long time."

The TLMP is extremely privileged and excited to have these artists on board, and these latest murals once again show the kind of quality on offer to Liverpool during it’s 2008 Celebrations.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Professor and Author Phil Scraton of Queens University Belfast, backs Liverpool Mural Project

Respected Queen's University Professor Phil Scraton author of the acclaimed book
'Hillsborough: The Truth' wrote to TLMP confirming his full backing and support for what we plan to do in Liverpool in the coming year.

“I am surprised and dismayed that the Liverpool Culture Company has declined financial support for The Liverpool Mural Project in anticipation of the '08 celebrations.

"As a Liverpudlian, now living and working in Belfast, I am deeply committed to developing and consolidating the strong historical and contemporary links between the two cities. One of the great successes of both cities is the strength and resilience demonstrated by our working class people in overcoming adversity, political and economic, in building cross-community alliances aimed at embracing diversity rather than allowing its worst excesses to destroy our lives. Both cities have emerged from economic marginalisation and inter-community conflict and experiencing the struggles of transition".

"On the 4 August 2007, I was with some of the Belfast artists who are part of The Liverpool Mural Project along with other helpers as they reproduced Picasso's Guernica on the world famous International Wall. Alongside, they were painting another mural on the International Brigades defiance of fascism in the Spanish Civil War. The power of murals to represent the mood and emotions of a community is more than symbolic.”

"It is my sincere conviction that the The Liverpool Mural Project, should it come to fruition, would make an outstanding contribution to the '08 celebrations. If the Project had been put forward in Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, San Francisco, Athens and so on - the list is endless - I am convinced it would have received support. I urge the Culture Company to think again".

Professor Phil Scraton
Author of 'Hillsborough: The Truth'.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Northern Ireland Murals are UK's Top Attraction.

Northern Ireland Murals are UK's "best tourist attraction", according to a leading travel writer, Simon Calder, The Independent's travel editor.

The Independent described the wall paintings as "an open-air gallery"

Lisa McMurray of the Belfast Visitor and Convention Bureau said of such good praise: "Visitors coming to Belfast do show a great interest in visiting the murals, which are of course an interpretation of Belfast's political history. But over the recent years they have evolved to also depict the city's cultural, artistic and sporting past."

The very fact that The Liverpool Mural Project has procured the talents of some of the best artists Belfast has to offer, to work wonders with communities in Liverpool can only boost the city's image to the world during The European Culture year.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Top International Irish Artist Gives His Full Support For Liverpool Mural Project

Dear Liverpool Mural Project,

This is just a short note to convey my enthusiastic support for the mural project to celebrate Liverpool as Capital of Culture in 2008. I am aware of some of the people in Belfast that will be involved in the project. I am convinced that with them participating will not only guarantee success, because of their huge experience in this area, but will also underscore the cultural and historical links between Liverpool and Ireland. The theme is an excellent one in that it celebrates not only local links but also the world. I wish the project well!

Yours Sincerely,
Robert Ballagh

Robert Ballagh is one of Ireland’s most respected artists. He was born in Dublin and is both a painter and designer. His painting style was strongly influenced by pop art and his paintings are often playful and didactic. He has produced many respected works of art. He represented Ireland at the 1969 Paris Biennale. Among the theatre sets he has designed are sets for Riverdance, Samuel Beckett's Endgame (1991) and Oscar Wilde's Salomé (1998). He has also designed over 70 Irish postage stamps and the last series of Irish banknotes, "Series C", before the introduction of the euro. He is a member of Aosdána, which is an affiliation of creative artists in Ireland.