Friday, June 29, 2007

Ulster University Sociology Senior Lecturer gives Mural Project his support

Following the live link on radio Ulster’s Arts Extra programme with the Liverpool Mural Project (TLMP), Northern Ireland Artists and Professor Bill Rolston (Ulster University Senior Lecturer in Sociology), Bill has contacted the Liverpool Mural Project today offering his whole hearted support for our project.

Professor Rolston reiterated his strong belief that by bringing together such talented artists from the two main communities in Belfast to work together with local Liverpool residents and community organisations is truly a historical event.

"I hope this project gets the funding it deserves, it's one of the best ideas I've heard in a long, long time".

As well as his vocal support Professor Rolston has confirmed that he is willing to come to Liverpool and give a lecture in order to highlight the positive effect mural art can provide to local areas in decline or in the process of regeneration by creating community ownership.

We at TLMP feel that this is a great offer from Professor Rolston and would add to the project and is truly praise indeed from such a well respected lecturer in Northern Ireland, and widely regarded as an expert on community wall murals around the world.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Cllr Paul Brant Expresses His Support For Mural Project

Liverpool City Councillor Paul Brant contacted The Liverpool Mural Project to offer his continued support following the recent publicity in The Echo and on Radio Merseyside.

"I hope this project gets some funding now!, Best wishes, Paul"

Paul Brant, Liverpool City Councillor (Riverside)


Local support continues via the Liverpool Echo's Letters Page.

The Support for The Liverpool Mural Projects (TLMP) has once again brought our project to the attention of the general public. Liverpool’s main daily newspaper, The Liverpool Echo published a letter from a local resident. He extolled the work that we are trying achieve in bringing together artists from the two main communities in Belfast and allowing them to teach their unquestionable talents to local community based organisations and youth groups. This whilst at the same time allowing the people of Liverpool express what 2008 truly means to them.
To read the letter of support click on the following link:-
Thank you to all who have openly backed this truly worthwhile project

Friday, June 22, 2007

The Liverpool Mural Project Attends Head-to-Head With Culture Company.

Our first meeting took place at the Culture Companies Head Quarters in Liverpool at 11.30 this morning. Representatives of The Liverpool Mural Project (TLMP) , Gregory Brennan and Peter Morrison spoke to representatives of the Culture Company. The meeting which lasted well over one and a half hours was felt by all at TLMP to be very productive indeed.

Ithalia Forel and Phil Taylor give a good indication of the types of schemes currently running around the city. Phil Taylor confirmed that he was attending a meeting this afternoon with an organisation that produced an exhibition of the Beatles . He felt that they would be someone to whom he felt our project would possibly be of interest.

Ithalia Forel is part of a busy team working on a scheme called City in progress. City in progress is a Liverpool Culture Company initiative that aims to create outdoor artwork on hoardings across the city. The initiative achieves this by engaging artists with the community to design public art that captures and represents the culture and development of Liverpool.

Another meeting is to be arranged in the next week and we will keep you all posted of the outcome of that when it has happened.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mural Project debated on leading Irish Blogsite

The Liverpool Mural Project gets more than a mention on
Slugger O',
Northern Ireland's leading Political and Cultural blogsite

Click on Headline to see online debate

Friday, June 15, 2007

At last Capital of Culture Company makes contact.

At long last the Capital Of Culture Company contacts The Liverpool Mural Project with regards to the recent media attention. After nearly 2 whole months since The Liverpool Culture Company told the Liverpool Echo they'd be in touch with TLMP, and after over 12 months since our first meeting, with representatives of TLCC, a reply has been issued from The Liverpool Culture Company to the Liverpool Mural Project's main office. We have arranged a meeting for next week to discuss further the details of our project. Once the meeting has been made we will report back to you further on the outcome of the meeting.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Liverpool City Council, Joe Anderson Washes His Hands of Capital of Culture Corporate Gravy Train

The leader of the opposition Labour group at Liverpool City Council, Joe

Anderson, has resigned from the Capital of Culture Board.
"Too much taxpayer's money has been wasted so far on a bloated and obscene corporate entertainment budget in which the same city faces are treated to VIP reception after VIP reception. And yet there are small community groups being turned away for funding for their modest projects.
I am concerned that after a total spend of £94 million the legacy will be one of debt and quite frankly one of missed opportunity"

To read more:-

Labour councillor quits 08 board Labour councillor quits 08 board
Labour councillor quits 08 board. The leader of the opposition Labour group at Liverpool City Council resigns from the Capital of Culture Board. - 13 Jun 2007 -

The Liverpool Mural Project - Live on BBC Radio Ulster - Arts Extra

After the successful telephone interview with Roger Phillips on his day time radio show last week Peter Morrison from The Liverpool Mural Project was interviewed live on BBC Radio Ulster. Peter along with Belfast artists Danny Devenny and Mark Ervine and Ulster University Sociology Lecturer Bill Rolston were interviewed on Ulster Radio's arts programme, Arts Extra.

"When you think of the whole history of Northern Ireland, it's amazing that loyalist and republican artists are sitting here talking about working on the same project."

"It is great that this project has come about from two ordinary fellas from Liverpool going on a tour of Belfast"

Marie-Louise Muir, BBC Radio Ulster

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ulster Radio's Art Extra Talks Live to Liverpool Mural Project

Liverpool Mural Project Team to be interviewed live on Ulster Radio's Art Extra Programme 6:30 tonight.

In a live feed from Liverpool Peter Morrison talks with the Belfast artists to Radio Ulsters Regional Arts programme.

Friday, June 08, 2007

The Belfast Telegraph features Liverpool Mural Project

All you need is art - Theatre & Arts - Entertainment - Belfast ...

Click on the above Link for quick access to the Belfast Telegraphs article covering the Liverpool Mural Project and the exclusive interview with top Belfast mural artists Mark Ervine and Danny Devenny.

"It will be the first time that loyalist and republican muralists have collaborated"

Lesley Anne Henry, The Belfast Telegraph

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Media Interest Hots Up As Belfast Telegraph Interviews Liverpool Mural Project

The Belfast Telegraph interviewed The Liverpool Mural Project today. The media interest in this International linked project sparks public interest in Ireland for our community linked scheme.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Liverpool Mural Project invited on to the BBC Radio Merseyside Roger Phillips show

Never far from controversey, invariably compassionate, frequently infuriating, arguably intelligent and above all unique... and that's just Roger! With a reputation like this it's no wonder Roger's phone-in is essential daily listening for thousands of Merseysiders.

Regarded by many as the country's top phone-in presenter, tackling issues that matter to Merseysiders, Roger's abilities have been recognized on many occaisions. he is the winner of countless awards, most notably the Gold Sony Award winner for 'News and Talk Broadcaster of the year 2000', National Union of Journalists Broadcaster of the year and BT's National Broadcaster of the year. In July 2001 Roger was honoured by both of Liverpool's universites. He was made an honorary doctor of laws by Liverpool University and recieved an honorary fellowship from Liverpool John Moores University.

"It's such an imaginative idea"

"If something like this could happen, that's culture, real culture, it's nothing to do with companies, it's to do with the people."

Roger Phillips, BBC Radio Merseyside

Peter Morrison Interviewed on Radio Merseyside Talk In Show

Yesterday dinnertime Peter Morrison was interviewd by Roger Phillips on his daily talk-in show. Full transcript to be added to this page shortly.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Liverpool Mural Project Hits The Liverpool Echo

Ulster mural painters may have 08 date, May 29 2007

by Catherine Jones, Liverpool Echo

SECTARIAN mural painters from Northern Ireland could paint derelict homes in Liverpool if backers win their bid for culture funding.
Organisers want to recruit republican and loyalist artists to decorate rundown houses along Edge Lane with non-political themes.
An initial bid to the Liverpool Culture Company for money to fund the project was rejected because it was “not edgy enough”.
But backers of the Liverpool Mural Project today vowed to appeal against the decision.
Gregory Brennan, who put forward the idea with friends Peter Morrison and John Whitby, said they had interest from the Biennial and support from MP Maria Eagle.

He said: “We’ve also met a wide range of community groups and housing associations during the last year and a half.
“We want 2008 to be a year of inclusion not exclusion for the people of Liverpool
“These mural painters are interested and ready to come here.”
Labour councillor Paul Brant is also backing the project.
In a letter to Culture Company chief executive Jason Harborow he said: “The entry routes into Liverpool, particularly Edge Lane and Edge Hill, contain a considerable number of vacant or poor condition gable end properties which would be enormously enhanced by the applic-ation of a mural.
“Liverpool has a long and historic connection with Northern Ireland which would clearly resonate with communities.”
A Culture Company spokeswoman said: “We received more than 150 proposals for the first stage of Liverpool Commissions, many of which were of an extremely high standard.
“While this is a great indication of the health of Liverpool’s creative sector, it also means we were unable to progress many excellent proposals.
“We advised that the team would be in touch with the organisers of Liverpool Mural Project to explore other potential avenues for the idea.
“Unfortunately there’s been a delay in this, for which we apologise. We’ll be getting in touch this week.”