Friday, June 15, 2007

At last Capital of Culture Company makes contact.

At long last the Capital Of Culture Company contacts The Liverpool Mural Project with regards to the recent media attention. After nearly 2 whole months since The Liverpool Culture Company told the Liverpool Echo they'd be in touch with TLMP, and after over 12 months since our first meeting, with representatives of TLCC, a reply has been issued from The Liverpool Culture Company to the Liverpool Mural Project's main office. We have arranged a meeting for next week to discuss further the details of our project. Once the meeting has been made we will report back to you further on the outcome of the meeting.

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Anonymous said...

You're lucky, you got a reply in 2 months. I once wrote to Prof. Drummond Bone over a University problem (Which is his job) and had to go on Radio Merseyside to get a reply. Don't be looking for any dynamism from this loser!