Friday, May 30, 2008

Liverpool Mural Project - its the sign of The Times

The TLMP has once again been in the news this week with coverage

of last week’s first TLMP mural appearing in the Times Newspaper. It just goes to highlight that when a good story hits the media, they sit up and take notice. The excellent work of Mick Doherty, Danny Devenny and Mark Ervine along with Liverpool’s own Fred Rylands and many other helpers has been the talk and buzz of the city since the first mural was unveiled to the general public.

To read the article in full click on the link for the Times below:-

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Worldwide media coverage of TLMP's first mural

News of our first mural was widely reported in many newspapers over the weekend, local, national and international, and also on hundreds of websites worldwide, even The Liverpool Echo bothered to report on what one caller to BBC Radio Merseyside’s lunchtime phone in described as ‘the cultural highlight so far of 2008'

The Liverpool Daily Post’s Richard Down has written an excellent article on the TLMP’s first mural in the city for the 2008 culture year.

“ ... the vision of bringing the original artists from Belfast to transfer skills and expertise, whilst exploring how the original murals grew out of a particular social context, but evolved into demonstrating how art can play a powerful role in community identity and cohesion.”

Phil Redmond, Liverpool Culture Company.

To read the article in full click on the following link:-

Sunday, May 25, 2008

TLMP's busy week draws to a fantastic close

After a long, very busy week The Liverpool Mural Project's first mural on Merseyside is complete and now sets the benchmark for future mural projects around the city. The amazing talents of the Belfast artists working with Liverpool artists has started to generate a buzz of excitement not only in the city but across the world. With hits to the website in nearly every state in America as well as Australia, New Zealand, Japan and most of Europe, word of the first TLMP John Lennon/Beatles mural is certainly getting around.

A busy stream of pedestrians have stopped to ask questions about the mural during the week long project, and to share thier memories with the artists of when The Beatles played at Litherland Town Hall and at The Lathom Club in Seaforth. The number of well wishers and comments of appreciation from the locals have been steady and constant throughout the week, and with lots of people promising to protect the wall, and lots of local kids got to add thier names at the bottom of the mural.
The mural which is situated on one of Merseyside's busiest roundabouts has also generated a vast amount of vehicles driving past and beeping their horns in appreciation of not only the standard of art, but also of the images recreated by the TLMP artists.
One passer by commented that people will no longer say, 'I live by the roundabout by Seaforth and Litherland train station', as they will now be able to say, 'I live by the John Lennon Mural' This is vindication of the effort the whole TLMP team has put into the project. This also exemplifies the world renowned talent that these Belfast artists have in abundance and can be seen in the amazing piece of public art now adorning a wall on Merseyside in it's cultural year.

The Belfast artists are now safely back home and the whole TLMP team is taking a well earned rest, until the next one. Thanks for all the messages of support during the week and thanks to everyone who encouraged us to carry on with the project over the last two years. It seems it was 'edgy enough' after all!

Listen to the 'Tony Snell Breakfast Show' on BBC Radio Merseyside between 7am-8am, Wednesday 28th May, for a special feature on 'the coolest house on Merseyside.'
If your outside the Liverpool area or if you miss the radio show you can 'listen again' on the BBC Radio Merseyside website. And if you want to read some of the press reports about the mural just type in 'Liverpool Mural Project' into google and its all there.
We'll get more photos from the whole week on the site very soon,
Lots of love, peace and paint, TLMP.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

TLMP's first mural is well under way

In glorious sunshine The Liverpool Mural Project went to work this week on the first mural. Watched by thousands of passers by and motorists the Belfast and Liverpool artists started work on the gable wall at the end of Croxteth Avenue, Litherland, (close to Seaforth & Litherland train station, and one of the busiest roundabouts on Merseyside) and only stopping to give interviews to the various media organisations that have turned up to cover this historic project, and also to drink the many cups of tea and coffee supplied by the tenant of the property, who also treated the Belfast boys to a big pan of ‘scouse

The work is on schedule to finish lunchtime, Friday 23rd May,

The reaction from everyone has been great, and you can see the smile on people’s faces when they first see it, and there's been lots of people stopping to watch and ask questions about the whole project and how the muralists go about such a big job, and when a bus goes past every head turns to look at the wall, You can also see the same cars going round the roundabout a couple of times just to have another look as they drive by, so its going down very well with everyone, nearly as well as the pan of ‘scouse’ went down with the Belfast artists.

So if your in Seaforth or Litherland, come along and watch the TLMP artists finish creating the 'coolest house on Merseyside', or if you just want to drive by and have a look, don't worry you will easily spot the house.

Friday, May 16, 2008

At last, details of TLMP's first mural finally announced

The Liverpool Mural Project can finally announce the date and location of the first mural at Croxteth Avenue, Litherland, very close to Seaforth and Litherland train station.

The mural is being supported by The Riverside Group
who have been working very closley with TLMP to get the best wall possible and plan this exciting and historic project.

The artists are set to start work on the mural on Monday 19 May, with completion scheduled for Friday 23rd

This is the first real collaboration between the leading mural artists from both communities of Belfast and Liverpool artists. Our plan was always to produce amazing and inspiring public art that can be enjoyed by everyone – not just in the city centre.

The mural will be lead by Belfast artists Danny Devenny and Mark Ervine working with Liverpool artists on the gable end of a Riverside property.

Hugh Owen, director of policy and communication at The Riverside Group is keen to mark its 80th birthday celebrations with a non-political iconic image for public display. Hugh said:

"The ethos behind the project is to encourage communities to work together – which is directly in line with The Riverside Group’s mission to regenerate our communities on Merseyside and beyond. We have consulted with our tenants and residents in the Litherland area – part of our Waterfront Division – and everyone is really excited about the project.”

Established in 1928 as Liverpool Improved Houses, Riverside started out with 15 houses with rents of just 15 shillings (30p) per week. The organisation expanded rapidly in the 1970s in the wake of 1974 Housing Act, and in 1996, following growth outside of the original Merseyside heartland, the association was renamed Riverside Housing Association. The Riverside Group was formed in 2001 and is recognised today as one of the largest and most dynamic housing and regeneration organisations in Britain, managing and owning more than 50,000 homes from Carlisle to Kent.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Give paint a chance - Exclusive trailer

Following the successful premiere screening at The Belfast Film Festival, we thought we'd let you see what all the fuss was about, so here’s your chance to watch a trailer of our short film – Give paint a chance