Sunday, May 25, 2008

TLMP's busy week draws to a fantastic close

After a long, very busy week The Liverpool Mural Project's first mural on Merseyside is complete and now sets the benchmark for future mural projects around the city. The amazing talents of the Belfast artists working with Liverpool artists has started to generate a buzz of excitement not only in the city but across the world. With hits to the website in nearly every state in America as well as Australia, New Zealand, Japan and most of Europe, word of the first TLMP John Lennon/Beatles mural is certainly getting around.

A busy stream of pedestrians have stopped to ask questions about the mural during the week long project, and to share thier memories with the artists of when The Beatles played at Litherland Town Hall and at The Lathom Club in Seaforth. The number of well wishers and comments of appreciation from the locals have been steady and constant throughout the week, and with lots of people promising to protect the wall, and lots of local kids got to add thier names at the bottom of the mural.
The mural which is situated on one of Merseyside's busiest roundabouts has also generated a vast amount of vehicles driving past and beeping their horns in appreciation of not only the standard of art, but also of the images recreated by the TLMP artists.
One passer by commented that people will no longer say, 'I live by the roundabout by Seaforth and Litherland train station', as they will now be able to say, 'I live by the John Lennon Mural' This is vindication of the effort the whole TLMP team has put into the project. This also exemplifies the world renowned talent that these Belfast artists have in abundance and can be seen in the amazing piece of public art now adorning a wall on Merseyside in it's cultural year.

The Belfast artists are now safely back home and the whole TLMP team is taking a well earned rest, until the next one. Thanks for all the messages of support during the week and thanks to everyone who encouraged us to carry on with the project over the last two years. It seems it was 'edgy enough' after all!

Listen to the 'Tony Snell Breakfast Show' on BBC Radio Merseyside between 7am-8am, Wednesday 28th May, for a special feature on 'the coolest house on Merseyside.'
If your outside the Liverpool area or if you miss the radio show you can 'listen again' on the BBC Radio Merseyside website. And if you want to read some of the press reports about the mural just type in 'Liverpool Mural Project' into google and its all there.
We'll get more photos from the whole week on the site very soon,
Lots of love, peace and paint, TLMP.


Mal, Seaforth said...

Well done to the artists, mural looks brilliant. How about painting the other 2 gable walls either side and we can have a proper gallery of art for 2008.

James, Anfield said...

Highlight of 2008 so far!

Whitch Witch said...

That is so freakin' awesome!!
I love this tribute, so wonderfully made.
That Stu is especially gorgeously done.