Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Worldwide media coverage of TLMP's first mural

News of our first mural was widely reported in many newspapers over the weekend, local, national and international, and also on hundreds of websites worldwide, even The Liverpool Echo bothered to report on what one caller to BBC Radio Merseyside’s lunchtime phone in described as ‘the cultural highlight so far of 2008'

The Liverpool Daily Post’s Richard Down has written an excellent article on the TLMP’s first mural in the city for the 2008 culture year.

“ ... the vision of bringing the original artists from Belfast to transfer skills and expertise, whilst exploring how the original murals grew out of a particular social context, but evolved into demonstrating how art can play a powerful role in community identity and cohesion.”

Phil Redmond, Liverpool Culture Company.

To read the article in full click on the following link:-


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Sam, Liverpool said...

A great piece of Art, well done to everyone involved.