Friday, August 31, 2007

Top Screenwriter and Director voices strong support

Terry George is a Belfast born screenwriter and director, who divides his time between Ireland and New York. His films include The Boxer, Some Mother’s Son, In the Name of the Father, Hotel Rwanda, Hart’s War and A Bright Shining Lie. Terry has directed the highly anticipated film Reservation Road, due for release in November 2007.

"I want to voice my strong support for The Liverpool Mural Project. Jim Sheridan and I employed the aritsit Danny Devenny and his colleagues in our films In the Name of the Father (part of which we shot in Liverpool) Some mother's Son, and The Boxer. His work enlivened and enriched all of these projects.Wall murals are true working class art from artists who find their canvas wherever they can."

Along with Van Morrison, Terry George was honoured at the second annual ‘Oscar Wilde – Honoring Irish Writing in Film’ awards held in Los Angeles in February 2007.

"I'll wager a bet that were John Lennon alive today, his name and support would be on your website. Imagine!
You have my strong support."

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