Friday, August 31, 2007

The Guardian Newspaper Provides Full Page Feature On TLMP and the talented artists involved

The Guardian's very own Duncan Campbell writes in today’s Art section of the newspaper about Belfast artists coming to Liverpool. The full page spread provides an excellent testament to the aspirations of the Liverpool Mural Project. It re-confirms the willingness of the artists working with our project to break away from the perceptions people have of Belfast artists in only wanting to create political murals. The interview gives an excellent account of the significance of both Danny and Mark working together. It further highlights their commitment to coming to Liverpool and passing on their un-doubtable knowledge and expertise to the people of Liverpool.

The article has also quoted Jimmy McGovern who has previously written to us about his enthusiastic support for our project and the planned murals for 2008. Mr Campbell ends his report with a quote from the Liverpool Culture Company. He like any good journalist had contacted the Liverpool Culture Company to ask why the project had been dismissed as "not edgy enough”. They have reiterated their previous stance in confirming that they had over 150 proposals for 2008. However, this time they have remarkabley confirmed, “ it was inevitable that some great ideas wouldn’t get through,” they said. Can we now assume that the avalanche of publicity both here and in Northern Ireland has made some difference? With the increasing letters and emails of support from prominent people ranging from University lecturers to politicians and writers and playwrights to Hollywood film directors it must be asked, has the eyes of the Culture Company been opened to what an opportunity they in fact have on their very own doorstep?

To Read The Guardians report in full click on the following link: -,,2159739,00.html

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