Saturday, August 18, 2007

Jimmy McGovern backs The Liverpool Mural Project

Jimmy McGovern, one of the most accomplished and most sought after screenwriters in British Film and Television backs The Liverpool Mural Project.

“Count me in as one of your supporters”

McGovern is a BAFTA award-winner from Liverpool. He is particularly known for writing powerful and thought provoking dramas often based around hard hitting social issues or controversial real life events.

The critically-acclaimed writer of Cracker, the Lakes, Hillsborough, Sunday and award winning films Priest and Liam took time out of a busy schedule to offer TLMP his support.

“God knows The Liverpool Culture Company needs a winner or two right now, so when something as inspired as The Liverpool Mural Project comes along you’d expect the Company to grab it with both hands. That it hasn’t done so is unbelievable”

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