Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Institute For Irish Studies Confirms Its Support For Liverpool Mural Project.

TLMP is excited about the links that are being created with Institute for Irish Studies.

Founded in 1988, the Institute of Irish Studies at the University of Liverpool is unique as the national centre of excellence for the study of Ireland in Britain.
From the outset, the Institute has been held in the highest regard in Ireland itself, in Britain and further afield, for its role in teaching and researching Irish culture, history and politics, promoting understanding between the people of Britain and Ireland and for contributing positively to today's improved perceptions of Ireland.

The very nature of our project by bringing together artists from the two main communities in Belfast highlights the significance of a such ground breaking scheme.

"Take it as read that the Institute will be very happy to be involved, it's a great project. Well done for thinking of it."

Professor Marianne Elliott, OBE, FBA
Director of Institute of Irish Studies

"I think your project is a brilliant idea!"

Dr Ian McKeane
Academic Liaison Officer Institute of Irish Studies

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