Thursday, March 06, 2008

My name is Claire Cooper and I am a

freelance journalist concerned with the progress of grassroots arts projects, in Liverpool's year of culture. I recently met with The Liverpool Mural Project and was very impressed by the way it is run with conviction and passion. I can't imagine two qualities which capture more effectively, the spirit of Liverpool. This project deserves the support of every Merseysider and individual who cares about the development of Liverpool. Its links with the Belfast artists show The Liverpool Mural Project’s commitment to highlighting this city's rich history and its message of peace and celebration through the medium of paint, could not be more appropriate.

With our support, The Liverpool Mural Project will be continuing its innovative work, long after 2008.
All the best, Claire.


Smigger said...

Power to the people!

Mary, Co Meath said...

Peace and Paint!