Saturday, November 08, 2008

As an OAP, Irish immigrant, I decided to help paint the Liverpool Irish Mural in early September 2008. It was not through boredom or want of something to do, I just thought it was a worthwhile venture for the Capital of Culture Year. Suitably scuffily dressed and armed with my trusty paintbrush, I arrived at the Picket Club to spend a week painting a blank wall. Well, besides the ‘craic’ and humorous daily banter, the company gradually blended together to make a great team. Ordinary looking Irishmen with extraordinary talent. Men who could copy coloured pictures at the speed of light. They explained, that their speed evolved as a necessity to complete their work before being discovered.

Regular transfusions of tea and copius amounts of sandwiches were the fuel of this motley crew. Together with the passing compliments of Scousers of all creeds and colours, some of whom stopped, just to add a dash of paint as a tangible symbol of support. As the days rolled on I began to realise that we were not just painting walls, but ‘building bridges’. No thought was given to the race, religion or political opinions of these gallant folk. I thoroughly enjoyed the week and made a few friends and contacts who have already been in touch, especially the Belfast artists who were the actual creators of this worthy mural. I hope it will survive for many years to come,
All the best Joe Kelsall.

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