Thursday, October 04, 2007

Echo Letters, 29th Sept: Murals are a Fab idea

AFTER the appointment of Phil Redmond to the Capital of Culture organisation, perhaps now, given his initial statement of intent, the city will see community level concepts such as the mural project given due attention. From what I gather, this project is an attempt to bring colourful and distinctive Beatles images to walls dotted around the city streets. There is perhaps no greater expression of Liverpool's cultural impact and proud history (to myself and thousands of others who packed out the bars despite the cancellation of the outdoor Mathew Street festival performances) than celebrating the "four lads who shook the world". If Redmond and the Culture Board are to appease a public weary of disappointment, misinformation and bureaucratic ineptitude, the murals seem ideal to win hearts and minds.
I am sure that the people of the city and its image need a real lift. Perhaps giving local initiatives such as the above the time, acknowledgement and support they need would be a real boost in the run-up to 2008. Cliff Carr, Netherton


Jimmy Price said...

The upset to The people of Liverpool caused by the mathew St fiasco, and the fact that there were no Beatles bands playing outside on the stages shows the love of The Beatles from the ordinary people of Liverpool. I am sure they will love these murals your trying to get painted as well, Good Luck with the project and I'd love to be involved.

Stu, NYC said...

I have always loved the Beatles, I grew up in Liverpool and they are the soundtrack to my childhood.

Jose Rasero said...

He visitado sus paginas web....que idea fantastico!.....estoy esperando a verlo el ano que viene.

Jose Rasero, Espana