Thursday, October 18, 2007

'Keep on Keepin' on' says Glen Monaghan, Liverpool

Good luck in taking this project to the next level. I have read with dismay that

this project has been dismissed as"not edgy enough". Unfortunately "EDGY" seems to be the new buzz word amongst the befuddled group who have been given responsibility for OUR year of culture in 2008. If the coming together of people from both sides of the political divide, in what was previously a war zone, to help another community who already fight against non-culture stereotypes is not edgy, What is?? I hope you can manage to pull this off because I guarantee that any future tourists who visit this fine city, will have the Liverpool Murals very near the top of their "must see" list whenever they arrive. Keep on Keepin' on... Glen Monaghan, Liverpool


Gibbo said...

Keep on Keepin' on!
It can be done
Lets make this work

Gibbo, Crosby said...

Spot on Glen, sort it out Redmond!