Wednesday, December 19, 2007


In an exclusive interview with Radio Merseyside's Roger Phillips on Monday, Deputy Chairman of Liverpool Culture Company Phil Redmond confirmed support and funding for The Liverpool Mural Project. Speaking on the popular phone-in show, Redmond talked about the historic and exciting plans agreed with TLMP for 2008.

"We are very pleased to announce today that we have found a way to support The Liverpool Mural project" Phil Redmond

"It’s the fact that the artists leading the paintings are from both communities in Northern Ireland and are working together for the first time that got me excited, and the idea of ordinary Liverpool people getting involved"
Roger Phillips

We hope to have the full interview on the site very soon for everyone to hear Phil and Roger’s enthusiasm for our project as part of Liverpool's official 2008 Capital of Culture celebrations, as soon as we’ve got the MP3 sorted.


Dave Scott said...

I know who should be paying for these murals - Jason Harborow with the £230,000 he's skanked out of the city of Liverpool.

Smigger said...

Get your haircut Redmond!