Friday, December 14, 2007

NERVE issue 11- featuring TLMP and Promoting grassroots arts and the real culture on Merseyside

In an excellent article by Alison Cornmell on page 6, Nerve magazine, issue 11 features The Liverpool Mural Project
"For Liverpool to be the city that hosts the art of this collaboration would be a real highlight in its cultural year"
This special issue which is out now also contains a great Merseyside Resistance Calendar for 2008.
While the official art world has been gearing up for the celebrations, at Nerve we have been burning the midnight oil, collecting stories of activism, resistance and rebellion. We think that a celebration of the 'People's Culture' is in order: the culture that has shaped the city over many years, and won't end with the dawn of 2009. So, this edition of Nerve is mostly given over to this theme.

TLMP is proud to be associated with Nerve, which more than any other arts publication and website in Liverpool captures Liverpool's real social issues and promotes Liverpool's real culture.

Nerve is available at libraries, community centres, colleges, supermarkets, and all good cafes and bars, or from thier office: Catalyst Creative Media, 85-89 Duke Street, Liverpool, L1 5AP and News from Nowhere, Bold Street, Liverpool City Centre.

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Jim Prigoff - USA said...

Throughout the ages, the "Writing on the Wall" has told the history
of community, its dreams, its hopes, its reality and its fears. It represents direct communication
with the population that can be achieved in no other way. It is exciting, exhilerating and challenging.

Can't wait for Liverpool to GET UP.

JW - Speke, Liverpool said...

Great article, great magazine, great site, - Power to the People, right on!