Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Damien Dempsey adds his voice to Mural Project

With all at The Liverpool Mural Project being big 'Damo' fans, we were very excited to receive contact and support from Damien Dempsey, as it was during a trip to see Damo live in Belfast a few years ago that the idea came about.

Damien Dempsey who was born and raised in Dublin is one of the most highly respected singer/song writers Ireland has ever produced and who has travelled the world as a solo artist as well as opening for the likes of Bob Dylan, Sinead O’Connor and Morrissey.

"The Beatles music has lifted and enthralled the young and old, the protestant and catholic, republican and loyalist, black and white, rich and poor, sane and the insane all around this planet for decades, and in the dazzling brilliance of expertly painted murals the fab four’s image should burn and blaze on the gable ends of Liverpool and spark the imaginations of that city’s offspring and visitors.

I think it would be a travesty not to put this brilliant idea into motion, both for the positive effect it will have on the kids of Liverpool, giving them a deepened sense of pride in what’s great about their home town and possibly also giving them a greater interest in their city’s cultural history and maybe even drawing a few more of them towards a musical instrument (one of the best known cures for anti social behaviour and the saviour of many a young life, including yours truly), and also for the positive effect it will have on the two Belfast communities, edging them a little closer together by means of that great leveller, great music."
Damien is very busy touring at the moment and it's great that he has taken the time to write such a great message of support to our historical arts project. Damo now joins his mate Christy Moore on our website and they both know they're more than welcome to turn up and join in the project, either with a guitar or a paint brush, slainte!


Dave Scott said...

It's all good!

Gred said...

This is a great idea and i'm glad that the Big Man is supporting it, I have some of the drawing support books which shows the murals in Ireland, North of, and San Fransico and sure most of them are political, but the art and the impact is fantastic and to celebrate the culture of a city such as Liverpool is fantastic.

I know there is alot of money being put into Digbeth in Birmingham, new coach station, accommodation and of course the Custard Factory which is modelled on Dublin's Temple Bar and as it is officially known as the first Irish Quarter, sure there's some room for murals there too, sure you couldn't celebrate Birmingham's industrial heritage without tipping your hat to Paddy (Birmingham Irish).

All the Best

Collie said...

when is dis actually gonna be happening? was tryna get dates off de site but couldnt find any? was over in liverpool last week doin sum workshops wit kids from st. helens, mad bunch of fuckers haha

Smigger said...

Get Damo over to Liverpool to play live somewhere in the city when your doing the murals, Party on!

Gred said...

I have family, or had family in Liverpool 8 (Toxteth), sure that place could do with brightening up can't remember many gable ends there though!!

Grew up with the Beatles, John Lennnon especially, my working class hero and later Echo and the Bunnymen. So as I say any excuse to visit, sure ther's a Liverpool band at the minute making waves 'Amsterdam' are they involved in this project?

Anyway beans will have a good read of the site and keep my eye on it and who knows might even get myself down to Wilko's and buy a brush especially if Damo provides the backing track, and sure you can't stop at Liverpool there's a fair few cities that could do with brightening up.

All the best

Lisa, Manchester said...

I'm a big Damien Dempsey fan and would love to be involved especially if Damo is going to be there!

Jacko, Belfast said...

Just adding my support, I met Damien Dempsey when he unvieled a mural in Belfast a few years ago, some sort of anti racism mural on the International wall, top man!

See you in Liverpool

Jan said...

Damo, Damo, Damo, Damo, Damo, Damo,

Smigger said...

Paty on

Smigger said...

I meant 'Party on' i thought you lot were big damo fans

Dont buy The Sun said...

Does this mean the Big man is playing Liverpool, Party on!