Friday, September 12, 2008

Roger Phillips checks out the Picket mural progress

BBC Radio Merseyside's top presenter Roger Phillips who has been a long time supporter of TLMP visited the Picket on Wednesday to check out the progress of Liverpool's latest mural. Roger who presents the very popular lunchtime phone-in show turned up after his shift at the radio station and explained that he'd been chatting earlier with a very enthusiatic caller to his show who'd visited the previous day.

"I've been a supporter of the Liverpool Mural Project for a long time and I think the John Lennon mural in Litherland is marvellous, it's great to come down and meet the Belfast artists and all the people behind the project and it's great to see so many people helping out and getting involved. This is the most exciting project of Capital of Culture year and I hope it spreads as far and as wide as the Superlambananas did".

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