Monday, September 08, 2008

Work starts on the mural at The Picket, Jordan Street

Amidst a deluge of rain, the Liverpool Mural Project begins work on a major new mural at noted Liverpool music venue The Picket. Commissioned by the Liverpool Culture Company, and part of the city's official artistic programme as European Capital of Culture, the mural will celebrate the historic links between Liverpool and Ireland.

Design and painting is being completed by noted Belfast muralists Danny Devenny, Mark Ervine and Micky Doherty. Crossing the sectarian boundaries of their hometown, the artists have worked on a number of murals that speak of reconciliation and a new dawn for artists in Belfast. Working as part of the Liverpool Mural Project, the artists are now able to take their message of a hopeful and bright future to Liverpool and beyond.

The Picket music venue also has a tale to tell. Formed in 1983, and playing host to a new generation of local musicians, The Picket has been the engine room of Liverpudlian pop and rock for 25 years. Now located in the newly inaugurated 'independent quarter' of Liverpool, The Picket continues to host gigs by new Liverpool bands, as well as more established acts. Throughout its illustrious past, the venue has been managed by music fan Phil Hayes. Speaking to the Liverpool Mural Project, Phil stated,

"I'm so excited about this development, particularly as The Picket has often explored Liverpool's Irish heritage. For example, in 2003, we hosted the Liverpool Irish Festival, in 2007, Elvis Costello performed, and on 31 October 2008, we've got Damien Dempsey, probably the leading singer-songwriter in Ireland. The work of the Belfast muralists is certainly inspiring, and we'll be proud to have one of their murals on the main exterior wall of our venue".

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