Thursday, September 27, 2007

Liverpool City Councillor writes to Phil Redmond

Liverpool City Councillor, Louise Baldock, (Kensington and Fairfield) is really excited about the possibility of getting a mural done in the part of Liverpool she represents, so much so that she’s wrote to Phil Redmond at The Liverpool Culture Company saying how much she is impressed by The Liverpool Mural Project. Louise kindly sent us a copy of her letter and told us she will continue to promote the project for 2008, and that she has in her ward several community art groups who would jump at the chance to be involved with TLMP.

Dear Phil,

I am very impressed with The Liverpool Mural Project which is a unique project which is aiming to bring the skills and experience of mural artists from all communities of Belfast, working together and with community groups in Liverpool.

As you will know, their objective is to create distinctive non-political murals for our Capital of Culture year.

The project has been supported and welcomed by many members of the Liverpool, Irish and Northern Irish creative and artistic community; Ken Loach, John Fay, Professor Marianne Elliott - Director of Institute of Irish Studies, Ian Jackson - The Liverpool Art and Culture Blog, Robert Ballagh, Professor Phil Scraton, Jimmy McGovern, Danny Morrison, Terry George, Peter Sheridan, Phil Hayes of the Picket, Christy Moore and many more. It has also been the subject of many supportive letters in local newspapers.

I understand that the Culture Board have so far rejected the project for inclusion in the 08 programme on the grounds that it is "not edgy enough".

However given that you have said you will re-examine rejected suggestions in an effort for 08 to reach out to more ordinary local Liverpool people and given the big support this idea has, I hope you will reconsider.

Best wishes Louise Baldock, Labour Councillor for Kensington and Fairfield (and I would love to see a mural here!)

Louise obviously wants to involve the ordinary people she represents in their city’s celebrations and recognises the many benefits of The Liverpool Mural Project can provide both the city of Liverpool and the regeneration of Kensington, whose residents she describes as, 'the proudest people in Liverpool'. So thanks again Louise for your support, and next time your in B&Q get yourself a decent paint brush, and dig out an old pair of jeans!

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