Thursday, September 06, 2007

Support Comes Thick And Fast For Mural Project

The depth of support for the Liverpool Mural Project increases from all quarters. The support ranges from the local and international media, from playwrights to novelists, film producers and directors to musicians and business entrepreneurs and by no means last politician's. The feeling of goodwill and support towards our project continues to steadily increase with every passing day.

The Liverpool Echo has recently published a further letter of support in its daily letters page from a local resident. To read this excellent letter in full from one of the Echo's many readers please click on the link below:-

Cultural Shame

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Joe Kelsall said...

Street Art is a legitimate culture which gives voice to the people via murals. The depiction of Liverpool's history in murals is a brilliant Idea. Better than anything that's come from Drummond Bone and his skeletally challenged 'Culture Company'. No backbone , no flesh!! It is the year of culture for the citizens of Liverpool, not as Joe Anderson revealed 'open season on wine and canapes'. Who invites these 'C' type 'celebrities who enjoy the tax payers' hospitality? Give the celebrations back to the people who have made a contribution to this city. There are plenty of different cultures in Liverpool to provide many days of celebration. Dump the Culture Company and give the year back to the people! Joe Kelsall