Sunday, November 25, 2007

TLMP fatured on Channel MURALS MATTER

In an excellent article by Brendan Deeds, the channel 4 website has an exclusive interview with the Belfast artists Danny Devenny and Mark Ervine about The Liverpool Murals

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From the very beginning of the Liverpool Mural Project's existence we have received excellent reports right across the media world be it local and International press or local and international radio broadcasts. Now the television world has not only picked up on the creative aspect of our mural project, but rightly so, the significance of these mural artists working alongside each other. Channel Four’s excellent website 4 Talent has in the last few days, reviewed the work and commitment of the Liverpool Mural Projects very own Danny Devenny and Mark Ervine. Since the tentative early days when TLMP brought together for the first time these two highly sort after artists, demand for the pairs enormous talents have escalated. With calls for their skills both in their native Belfast as well as across the world this further highlights the enormity of the TLMP’s ability to cross the boundaries of political divide by using art as a means to unite communities.

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