Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Echo letters, Tuesday 6th Nov: Clean up this eyesore

NOT a day goes by when I don’t fail to notice misspelled, idiotic graffiti plastered across the walls of the seemingly vacant and vandal-ravaged exhibition building at the rear of the Adelphi Hotel.
There has been no attempt to clean up this eyesore for many years, judging by the ancient ‘Punk’s not dead’ slogan running along its walls! Rather than leave this building to fester and decay, why doesn’t the council let the likes of the Liverpool muralists have a crack at brightening it up and turning it into something both locals and tourists can enjoy and look upon admiringly, rather than averting their eyes in embarrassment? I’m sure that a stunningly-rendered Beatles’ mural, or a similar image that celebrates our city, our people and our fantastic heritage, would be a massive talking point and a tourist magnet that would be a wonderful way of welcoming people to our city centre. The argument of not being able to grant planning permission doesn’t hold water, either.

When did the original “artists” ask permission for their pidgin-English scrawlings? Yet there is no attempt to clean them up! Alison Dodd, Liverpool 12

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John Fox said...

I agree with the comments in this letter. too many tourists come to Liverpool to see where the Fab4 started but all too often there is very little for them to see besides a street name or a statue. If the council gave tourists something else to look at they may come back time and time again.