Thursday, November 01, 2007

The use of wall paintings and drawings is as old as humanity. Neolithic murals were once all the rage in cave and stone dwellings. They were an artistic means of getting across a message when communications were limited. And so it is today. Danny Devenny is a master artist in their design and production. He has been producing wall murals across Belfast and beyond for more years than he or I care to remember. I am confident that he and Mark Ervine will bring to their work with The Liverpool Mural Project the same dedication and commitment, and artistic prowess that has marked their work here. A few months ago I had the pleasure to unveil their reproduction of Picasso’s Guernica on the international wall in West Belfast. This is only one of scores of excellent murals which they have brought to life on the walls of this city. There are many points of connection between Ireland and Liverpool which I am sure will be reflected in the art work. The Liverpool Mural Project is a unique project and it will have two very unique and talented Belfast men helping to mark Liverpool's 2008 European Capital of Culture year.

Gerry Adams MP, Sinn Fein President

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