Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Echo letters, 20th November 2007: Murals magic

THE Liverpool Mural Project is important for many reasons.
Firstly, the Belfast mural artists are gifted craftsmen. Whilst their previous work was forged in the cauldron of armed conflict, they are now spreading their wings. Secondly, for both muralists to decide to work in Liverpool means something significant to Liverpool’s Irish community, those who identify themselves as unionists, and all points in-between. Thirdly, the project is democratic in nature. Both muralists have suggested that ordinary members of the public will be able to join them. Finally, the project has the potential to say something profound about Liverpool’s history and heritage, and as a result has caught the imagination of that mythical beast, the ordinary Scouser. I look forward to walking through Liverpool and spotting unique murals that capture the spirit of Liverpool and which tell their own story. Dr Stuart Borthwick, Liverpool JMU

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